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Why Choose LiveLake

E-learning Eco System

E-learning ecosystem is a solution to develop your skills for future to get the desired place in your professional career. It’s a system to utilize maximum available resources to polish your brain and learn further about other courses through e-learning setting during academics.

Expert Guidance

We all need expert guidance throughout the journey whether in studies or professional career. They show us the real picture of this practical world and guide the right path. We make our decisions always with the help of guidance. Here we are to show the right career path.

Mental Health Checks

Stress could be damage your academic performance, thereby mental health checks is important for all students because it’s clearly connected with between academic performance and mental health. It’s effect how we cope up with life, our thought process, balance work lifestyle etc.

Certified Teachers & Mentors

Our qualified teachers and mentors help you to face the real time challenges in career path and improve your skills set. Teachers are here to boost your confidence level and crack the insecurities. Our teachers aim is to build your career successfully with a vision of imparting qualitative knowledge.

Industrial Exposure

Industry exposure is a bridge of theoretical learning and practical implementations. Get an exclusive Mentorship Program with Young Entrepreneurs and prolific industry experts from global institutes Stanford, Tufts, Cambridge, IIM's, IIT's inspiring for a prosper career path.

DISC Profile

D- Dominance I- Influence S- Steadiness C- Conscientiousness We all needs to check where we stand in studies, Check today your skills by participating any quiz activity through DISC profile and give challenges to your brain to crack it. It describes your personality, skills check, IQ level etc. Attempt free IQ test, personality test, aptitude, reasoning and assessments.


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