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We all have crossed this phase after completing the 10th board exam. Choose the correct subject for you going to be very confusing for many of students. What you will pick for you?

Society will suggest you to pick as most considered subject STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) or will you give a chance to Commerce and Arts or would you choose the offbeat destination that driven by your passion?

Many of students are not aware that class 11 is not just a new session in school it is more than that. Class 11 is a crucial stage of building your career. Sometime many students choose the wrong stream and wrong decision. The moment you realized that you have opened the door towards an unsatisfactory life.

Being a student, you need to understand and identified your career goals, opportunities, and dreams. Acquire the knowledge to unlock the career opportunities such as- civil services, bank jobs, medicine, engineering, digital marketing, content moderator, content marketing, and many more. Take your time, keep calm your mind and decide where you want to see yourself in near future or what you want to become, research about the future scope in that stream and then you decide the stream. You can choose the stream after the class 10 board exam result.

This time students need the guidance of experts, counseling about the courses, this will help students to make the right decision without any obstacle. In this post we will discuss about the subjects and streams.

Why it is important to choose the right subjects-

The subject you will choose today, you will be eligible to pick the career choice in undergraduate program and going to graduate with the same.

It feels like a huge decision that could impact on your life. However, let’s burn this myth for you!

The simplest way to explain to a student, let’s suppose- your career is a mix of the favorite pizza toppings, and subjects are the base of pizza. Pardon Me! If you got the pizza craving. However, my point was to make you understand that subject is the base of your career path.

It’s true that a particular stream or subject is eligible for only few career options.


What subjects need to choose class 11?

As per the CBSE and ICSE board categories they have divided the subjects in three sections- Science, Commerce, and Arts. In class 11, students are required to opt in 5 subjects, few subjects being mandatory and others subject being optional.
Student can pick any stream, before choosing any stream you need to understand first the career options for the particular stream.

Let’s Talk about the Physical and Natural Science-

In CBSE and ICSE boards science stream is considered one of the most popular streams. The main reason behind to choose science stream is the gateway of ideal career in Medical and Engineering.
Majority families suggest to their child to go for science if student is strong in academic scores.
Let’s take a dip down to understand the stream offers:
Science stream is divided into 2 different branches-
1. PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Bio) for Medical
2. PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Math) for Engineering
Note- English & another optional subject will be mandatory.

Students Mostly Choose Common Optional Subjects-
1. Economics
2. Physical Education
3. Computer Science
4. Information Practice
5. Psychology

Let’s talk about the Career Options-
1. Engineer
2. Architecture
3. Doctor
4. Data Analyst
5. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
6. Merchant Navy & Defense
7. Food & Agriculture Scientist
8. Ethical Hacking
&Many more...

Let’s Understand the Trade and Business Things- Commerce

Commerce is for average students, or you can say it’s all about the accounting, finance, business, and trade. You can find a lot of marketing opportunities in commerce steam.
“Commerce is good for business families' students and for those ones who want to become CA, CS,bank jobs, government jobs and marketing jobs.
You need to understand what is the right stream for you.
Commerce subjects play a vital role in day-to-day lives included all government activities such as finance, economic development, and taxes.
The most important thing which is common between Science and Commerce is Math. We will discuss the other optional subjects under Commerce.

Subjects in Commerce stream-

1. Accountancy
2. Business Studies
3. Economics
4. Mathematics
5. English

What are the career options-
1. Company Secretary
2. Charted Accountant
3. Lawyer
4. Digital Marketer
5. Stockbroker
6. Investment Banker
7. Entrepreneur
8. Investment Banker
9. Certified Financial Planner
& Many more*


Arts is all about the Everyday life-

Arts is one of the oldest streams in this world, Arts chosen by those students who are not interested in academics or want to opt in for distance education. Arts cover the human society, culture, and political systems. This stream helps to understand deeply to how a society works around us, and the laws.

Commonly Chosen Optional Subjects-

1.     Mathematics

2.     Home Science

3.     Legal Studies

4.     Physical Education

5.     Media & Mass Communication

6.     Fine Arts

Career Options for Arts-

1. Lawyer
      2. Designer
      3. Hotel Management Profession
      4. Photographer
      5. Journalist
      6. Psychologist
& Many more*

What are the Right Subjects for my Career?

In this post, we have covered all the streams and their subjects for class 11 and 12. Students can choose any stream according to their career goals. Choose wisely while choosing the subjects. So, we would recommend to pick pre-demanded courses and additional subjects that will add some value to your future plans.

Need help from Expert Guidance-

In order to clear your confusion, you can take help from experts as well. Experts can give the deep knowledge and analysis to students about the streams and related to their career goals. Experts always suggest the right stream and subjects to students.

Find the Right Career Option for you-
Based on the academic scores, aptitude and test you can decide the right subject for you while choosing the stream and optional subject. Your successful career will depend on your right decision at the point of time in class 11.

Mostly, studentsare influenced by their family members, trending options, friend's suggestions, childhood dreams and peer pressure. Most of the time we see that students are not spending the time on stream research, interests, personality & end up picking wrong subjects for high school. If you do this in your high school you will get the unsatisfactory results because of wrong choices. Make the decision wisely while choosing the subjects in class 11 so that you can achieve the success in your career. You must spend some time on research for career opportunities.

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