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The final board exam in school life which is the most important in student’s life because this exam can make either their career or break it. So, all the students keep aside your fun and enjoyment and it’s time to show the sincerity and seriousness as your career depends on board exams. Apart from school studies you need to give extra time to all subjects, find today online tuition for class 12 commerce. During board exams due to lack of practicing a lot of students do the silly mistakes, which should be avoided during exams in order to get desired scores. All students should practice from beginning of the session such as weekly mock test, previous sample papers and chapter revision so that they can hold a strong command on the subject course.
Many students start their practice at the last moment which will never help them to get good scores and they make silly mistakes during the board exams. I would suggest to all class 12 commerce students that prepare a daily study routine a fix tame-table and make a list subject-wise whether it’s accounts, economics, or business studies. Search for class 12 commerce coaching.

What type of Mistakes you do usually in Accounts Exam

Have you segregated all the Easy & Difficult Questions?

If you have gone through the previous sample papers of accountancy then you must be aware about the paper and you also know that accounts paper is generally lengthy and you can't afford to spend much time on a single question. Many times, we have seen that students are spending too much time on few questions where they are unable to solve so; I would suggest you to start solving questions where you know the answers. Always put a check mark against questions whether they’re short or lengthy, attempts those questions first and do not waste your time on those questions where you do not know about the answer. We’ll discuss about few points that you should avoid during the board exams. Search today online classes for class 12 commerce.

Avoid Writing Too Much in 1 Mark Questions

1-mark questions should be ended up with precise and crisp answers. Many students started writing too much and spend too much time on them. You should avoid and save your time to spend on lengthy questions.

Save Your Time for Difficult Questions

Many students spend a lot of time on short and easy questions during the board exams. I would suggest you all to save your time for lengthy and difficult questions because they carry good marks.

 Inappropriate Format

Accounts need a proper format for ledger, balance sheet and journal questions, meanwhile sufficient narration is also required for every journal entry. Keep it in your mind that narration carries 20-25% marks if you miss it, you will loss the marks.

Avoid Common Mistakes in Business Studies Exam

Not Drawing Diagrams

Many students focus to learn theory however, preparing the flowchart makes your way easy to learn. My suggestion would be for all students that they all should draw a proper diagram where it’s needed. Draw with a pencil so that you can correct it later.

Reviewing the Definitions

Proofreading is the best way to review and re frame the definitions. The definition you have read in your NCERT books you’re supposed to write accordingly.

Answers should be described

Each answer should be neatly elaborated in detail until and unless it’s not 1 – 2 marks question. You need to write in pointers with all explanations and heading. If you follow your answers in this way then your answers give more clarity to the examiner.

Give Proper Explanation

Many times, students write answers in single word “Yes” or “No” without giving any proper explanation. So, you should at least give one or two liner proper explanation.


Avoid Common Mistakes during in Economics Exam

Forget to Underline Important Details

Sometimes, student forget to underline the important details and information. Always carry the highlighter and underline the important details so that your exam paper looks neater and more detailed.

Copy the Incorrect Data

Many times, students make mistake and not copy the exact numerical data in numerical-based question paper. It happens because of nervousness or running shortage of time, make sure while giving the paper you need to make yourself relaxed and then attempt paper.

Forget to Show the Working Calculations

Most of students forget to show the working calculations in exam, this mistake make you lose marks in practical numerical questions. See, always you need to show the calculations neatly. This tip will help you to get the full marks in numerical-based questions.

Note- These tips will help you to get the good marks in economics during the board exams. Prepare your own notes from study material and follow the study routine. We wish you all the best for your board exams.

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