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A doctor ka beta becomes a doctor and A farmer ki beti also becomes a doctor also. The journey of become a doctor is never going to be smooth. Some students decided at the very early stage and some students realized later of board exams however a doctor profession requires strong determination and needs to focus consistently. You need to make a strong strategy and design a study plan to crack NEET 2022. Let’s discuss about few tips which will going to help you to crack it first attempt. All you need to start NEETpreparation online from today with LiveLake.

1. Know your Syllabus
2. Revision as much as you Can
3. Make a Strong StudyStrategy
4. Time Management
5. Clear your Doubts

Know your Syllabus-

While you start preparationNEET 2022 exam, I would suggest begin with NCERT books. Their content is well-researched and a good number of questions are asked in the exam from these books.
You must be always staying aware of the exam pattern because we cannot afford any last-minute surprises. You need to make a habit of making notes for every single chapter for later reference.

Revision as much as you Can-

Before you sit for studies, you need to make your mind to revise every chapter every single day, and revise previous chapter along with a new theory. You can give weekly mock test so; your command will be strong on chapters. Clear your doubts instantly, adaptive assignments, and 1-on-1 session will be useful to clear your doubts.
These strategies will help you to preparation NEET 2022 exam and brush up your knowledge to crack the NEET exams. Make a habit to create notes every day to refer in final revision.

 Make a Strong Study Strategy-

We all have our own techniques of study, some of us like to study with graphics while some candidates relate the content with real-life situations. Everyone has their own methods whichever suits better to crack the NEET exam 2022. Here you go with some tips which will help you furthermore.

You can remember various things when you have a habit of creating mnemonics to do classification of scientific names of plants, animals, medicines, organisms and so on.

Prepare mind maps of every chapter that you have studied and add details as much as you can. It might help you to prepare a structure to crack NEET exams.

Prepare the unique techniques to remember different process of all topics and chapters.

Work on Time Management-

Time management is the most important while we sit for study. Time management will help you to study well and grab the knowledge comprehensively. You can prepare your timetable and divide equally to your studies, leisure time, breaks, naps and more.

Clear your Doubts-

While studying you will come across many doubts and questions that you will be not able to answer, here you can do one thing make a list of all doubts and refer to online expertise or a college professor to solve your problems. You may indulge in group discussion with your friends group to explore new ways. These methods will help you crack NEET 2022 exam.

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