image Everyone has a right to education

Everyone has a right to an education that is free and compulsory education. In order to make a better future for India, we should develop better present resources so that they will be better fruit in the future.

Education has its own importance in each individual that is




Education is necessary to get good for financially stable in life. Education is essential to learn, thrive, and excel in the real world. It is very necessary to get a quality education in order to have a better running life and to fulfill all the basic dreams.


Value building

Education helps to learn about other values and morals to have a well-balanced, open mind. Children also learn to work together, to share, to exchange opinions, to disagree, to choose fairly. These are the social skills as they help children live and flourish in a community that is wider than their family circle. Social skills are firmly based on values and skills.



Builds Confidence 

Children learn to read and write they become more confident in their abilities and leads to better development of a child. Feeling good and enthusiastic with the learning and development.


Creates new and better Opportunities 

A good qualification and educational background lead to an increase in the chances of landing a fulfilling job. Educate yourself with qualifications, skills, knowledge, and experience. People with higher education and experience lead to expert jobs. Dedicate time and effort to acquire knowledge and reach a high level of competence


Modern Society

Education is the essential key for modern society. Education molds people into leaders not only with knowledge about particular subjects, but Education also helps in reducing the crime rate. 



Education turns weakness into a strength.  Different tools and ways are there to understand problems that lead ahead of us and help resolve them. Educated women can more easily stand up against gender bias and marital violence as they have improved their decision-making capabilities.

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