image How to achieve more marks in class 9 CBSE exams

You can always top in your exams but you have to follow the strict study routine and discipline. Class 9 have only one final exam at the end of the academic year. After COVID, Class 10 board exams are back and those students who want to top in board exams they are serious for class 9 exam as well.

 Serious students study conscientiously.

You can top in your class with Live-Lake CBSE Class9, you need to be confident with your clear concepts and you need to revised before the exams. Our designed curriculum helps you to cover all the chapters and topics. I would suggest you to revise all the subjects as much as you can before the exams. This trick will help you to recall easily what you’ve studied and always brush up on important concepts and practical

Are you confident enough to answer my questions without any little doubt from any topic in the CBSE Class 9 syllabus?

OYou must know the simplest way to top in class is practicing with CBSE Class 9 sample papers because it is an amazing study tool to boost your confidence before the exams. The syllabus is designed in a such way to keep in mind the reintroduction of the board exams for class 10 and all the students need to answers quickly and correctly. The paper pattern will help you become familiar with the sort of questions and the exam paper pattern. I would suggest you to keep practicing with sample question papers and give the mock test as much as possible, this is an amazing well-kept secret to get high marks in your class and this trick will help you to become the bright and calm student in your class. You can save another trick which ATE (Automatic Test Equipment).

Now, you are thinking about what is ATE all about? ATE is your go-to platform you can practice those difficult questions that you cannot get resolved by teachers, parents, or friends. When we are talking about the online studies and learnings, we at LiveLake want our students to clear all the doubts that they have in their mind. At the end, you can remember to use ATE, if you are facing any challenges to get resolved a difficult question.

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