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We met with a new education system during pandemic and that is “Online Education” past couple of years have been very much hectic and dramatic for our education system. Before pandemic neither, our parents studied online nor we. For the first time ever we and our parents throughout the world have experienced 100% schooling through digitally in full power mode. During pandemic our education system, business, shops, offices have been moved from traditional to digital and online classes.

“A digitally inclusive world should allow young people, no matter their situation, to get access to education.”


Let’s face the facts together-

After 2 years, we are moving to our normal daily lives. But we are still fighting with corona virus threats. During lockdown in the whole country, we were owing the harsh experience in education system. First time, many of us realized the advantages of online education. We need to accept the real and modern education to make our future better and great!

Why Online Education is Important-

Online classes are well-designed and better than traditional school

Online education has changed the entire education system. We have the chance to unlock the potential and opportunity to grow in this era of Digital.

Let’s understand some aspects of digital education offered by class 8 school.

Virtual schooling is India’s first and only granted online learning platform which is a fully-loaded educational option that helps your child to grow immensely.

It’s a true fact that now a days, students are learning much faster through the online classes. This is happening because they are able to grasp the knowledge better through this option. Get the concise mathematics syllabus on our website.

When you know the actual difference between online and offline education you will be amazed after knowing the facts, it is as high as up to 60%. Because an online education allows you to choose your own’s pace of learning and gives you the access to choose feasibility. Get the ncert solutions for class 8 maths. You can re-do, re-read, or skip the content as per your expertise over the topic. This option will help to save your productive time and energy. We have all the CBSE, NCERT, & UP board designed curriculum so that students can study according to their board. Mostly, students search for ncert solutions for class 8 science. Online education helps to add value to a student’s learning. Well, it’s just a little bit about the e-learning but there are lots more to discuss with you about the online education!

Online Education is the Right Platform for Every Learner-

our learning management system and online classes creates an absolute personalized learning environment which matches the learning system and helps to enrolled students.

Auditory learners can learn from audios, pre-recorded lectures and visual learners can learn through videos, presentations and graphics available on e-learning platform. Those who want to learn from movement, they can also opt-in these hands-on performing activities.
In-short all our students can enjoy the high-quality digital schooling experience in a well-mannered customized learning management.

2.  Quality of Digital Education-

We always want to give the best quality of education to our children. But are we able to find the typical community school all the time?
Before the introduction of digital education, we had accepted that a noisy and crowded classroom is perfect for your kid! But now help of information technology you can provide the best quality of education to your kid and you do not need to compromise with the quality of education. Our e-learning platform collates the best online content under the one platform. We are focusing to STEM education that improves your kid’s education. We have the best quality education that truly matches the international standards so you need not worry about the quality of education.

Your kid needs Unique Learning-

At K8 school, we have the exact same learning program for our students. We cater all the individual students no matter student is slow, gifted, introverted, differently-abled but we are here to give the individual attention to every student!
Our students can choose the pacing options with right environment. They can choose their own speed to develop conceptual understanding. We strictly avoid of the idea of comparing between two students. For us, our students are unique and individual. We believe to create a suitable virtual learning environment.

4  Our designed curriculum helps to Improve Academic Base-

Our designed curriculum provides the best education system and it’s created by the top leaders of the top most universities. Search for ncert maths class 8. We are not just focusing on online education; we are providing the other professional courses to add their values in their career. Our doubt sessions, Stem education, pre-recorded classes, mock test, subject matter expert etc., these key benefits will definitely help to our students to grow fast and make a strong academic base of students.
We all know that our traditional offline schools have the maximum number of students in one class, because of the maximum number of students teacher can’t give attention to every student. But in virtual classes we truly focus to keep small size batches so that teacher and every student can connect easily and teachers will be able to give proper attention.

  5 Get ready for the Competitive World-

It’s true that post-covid we are getting back to our normal live but our lives are not like that before covid. It’s more complicated after covid. Your kid needs best and quality education for future employment opportunities. Now a days, competition is very much high in the society and your kid needs to develop more relevant skills. At class 8 multiple skills cannot developed be overnight. Over the time period your kid become the champ. Hence, we have the designed skill-based education system that helps to nurture your kid to compete with the world. Our designed curriculum & brainstorming challenging material will help to focus on other activities that develop the problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration etc. This activity will surely help your kid into skilled and future-ready individuals. Get enrolled in class 8 to develop other skills only on our LiveLake website.


                 Take the right decision for your child’s future, your one right move can make their future bright.

                 Your child’s career is in your HANDS!

                 Online Education is a new normal for your child’s everyday schooling

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