image Vedic math

  It helps a person to solve mathematical problems many times faster. It helps in making decisions on simple and complex problems. It reduces the burden of memorizing. It increases the concentration of a child.     Integrity Makes it easier for better understanding and one single sutra can be used to solve multiple arithmetic calculations using one rule. Simplicity Simplicity is the best way of saving time and increasing productivity and there is a solution to the most complicated multiplication problems.Problems using one single and simple step of Vedic Maths. Creativity In order to solve problems, it is important to involve creativity and understanding that there are more ways to solve the problem  Fast and Better Result Calculating mentally is the main strategy followed by Vedic Math when a problem is solved using a simple method of calculating the problem time has been saved by the faster accurate desirable result. Algebraic Connection These math tricks of arithmetic calculations are based on the Vedic Maths method of learning, it is easier for them to apply it in any algebraic problem Innovation: Vedic Math welcomes more scholars and mathematicians to implement .these methods with added creativity and innovation more math tricks in modern mathematics.Application Vedic math basically applied in arithmetic operations, geometry, trigonometry, analytical astronomy, calculus, differential and integral, etc. the list goes on providing endless possibilities of applications.

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