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Do you want to take an admission in top most IIT’s college in India. Be an iitian is a dream of all engineers. Competition exams help you to check your capabilities to get an admission in IIT. If you are an IIT aspirant, then start preparing for IIT-JEE competition exam. We are different packages which will cover class 10th, 11th and 12th syllabus with IIT-JEE course. Well, It’s true that we are best in online JEE preparation.


CV Ki Kya Zarrorat Hain, Humara Bachaa IIT Pass Out Hain


Let’s simplify about the syllabus that you need to go through during the IIT-JEE preparations. Checkout below table for more clarifications.


IIT-JEE Math's Study Material (Algebra)
Binomial Theorem Matrices
Determinants Functions and Its Types
Logarithm Complex Numbers


IIT-JEE Coordinate Geometry
Hyperbola Ellipse
Parabola Circles
Straight Lines 3D Geometry


IIT-JEE Trigonometry
Trigonometry Angle Measurement
Inverse Trigonometric Functions  


IIT-JEE Calculus
Limits, Continuity and Differentiability Differentiation
Applications of Derivatives Integration
Definite and Indefinite Integration Differential Equations


IIT JEE Chemistry Study Material (Inorganic Chemistry)
F Block Elements Group 13 Elements
D Block Elements Group 14 Elements
Polymers Coordination Compounds
Hydrogen Types Methods of Preparation Hardness Of Water, Types and Removal
Hydrogen Peroxide Heavy Water Preparation Properties


IIT-JEE Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry Inductive Effect
Purification of Organic Compounds Qualitative Analysis of Organic Compounds
Lassaigne Test Victor Meyers Method
Hydrocarbons Hybridization
VSEPR Theory Molecular Orbital Theory
Hydrogen Bonding Chemical Bonding
Fajans Rule Hydrides
Covalent Bond  


IIT-JEE Physical Chemistry
Chemical Equilibrium Corrosion
Ionic Equilibrium Ionization and Dissociation Redox Reactions
Equilibrium Constant Surface Chemistry
Le Chateliers Principle on Equilibrium Chemistry In Everyday Life
Solubility And Solubility Product Acid And Base
Ph And Solutions Ph Scale and Acidity
Hydrolysis Salts and Types Buffer Solutions


IIT-JEE Physics Study Material
Moment of Inertia Rotational Motion
Energy Gravitation
Conservation Of Momentum Superposition Of Waves
Radiation Wave Optics
Stefan Boltzmann Law Youngs Double Slit Experiment
Newtons Law of Cooling Conduction
Center Of Mass Elasticity
Momentum Simple Pendulum
Electrostatics Simple Harmonic Motion
Coulombs Law Spring-Mass System
Equipotential Surface Units And Dimensions
Electric Charge Gauss Law
Electric Potential Energy Electric Field Intensity
Motion Of Charged Particle in Electric Field Wave Motion
Sound Waves Capacitor Types and Capacitance


Eligibility Criteria


Class 12th appearing students


Exam Covered

This competitive exam will be covered engineering (Mains+Advanced). Start preparing for JEE mains and advance with best online e-learning platform.


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1. Live Classes - This pandemic has set everything on digital platform. Live classes will be useful for all students who are truly aspirants to crack IIT-JEE in one go. 

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7. Spot Light Sessions - Spot light is, where your parents putting their all efforts and hard work which is fruitful or not, that they should to know about your performance. It's an interactive session between your parents and teachers. So that your parents could say proudly, “Beta Humara NAAM Karega”. After all, that’s all your parents expected from you. “Be capable enough to steal the show


8. Webinar for Dynamic Learning - Theories, classes are not just enough to get proper knowledge. Webinars are the system where you can grab maximum knowledge and experts experience.

9. Weekly Mock Assessments - Mock tests will be going to improve your skills and knowledge. It will help you to boost your confidence level.

10. English & Vedic Math Classes - There’s no doubt that English and Vedic math are playing important role in studies and everywhere. Make your command strong in English speaking and improve your computation skills in Vedic math.

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