Online Robotics Classes for Kids (4-16 Years)

Robotics is born from science and technology. Robotics is the part of engineering and science that include electronics, mechanical engineering, and computer science and so on. This subject particularly dedicated to design, construction, control robots, sensors design, and information process. Robot is constructed with AI and hardware, which will replace human activities in upcoming years. Robots are designed to be used for any specific purpose however, many of them have given human appearance. Those robots may likely have the talk like humans, walk, speech, expressions, and most important they are designed to do anything.

I am sharing the Issac’s three laws of robotics. These three laws state that:

1. Robots will never harm human beings.
2. Robots will follow instructions given by humans with breaking law one.
3. Robots will protect themselves without breaking other rules.

Role of Robots during pandemic -

Touch less travel is possible, bookings for hotel, flights, chat and assistant with bots. 
Artificial Intelligence has taken the place of human. Find the location, deliver medicines, packages to home address and hospitals. Robot makes our life ease and faster. Your kid can be the young scientist who can be the champ to create robots. Start online robotics classes with LiveLake.

Importance of Artificial intelligence -

Artificial intelligence, robotics is growing rapidly. Students are showing interest to take forward as this is the future. 
New technology helps to manage employee and enhance the firm performance. The result of technologies has been identified to focus on HRM strategies, job replacement, AI collaboration, human robot, create opportunities, training, and decision making.

Big giants secure their data with the help of artificial intelligence. A government sector, Air force, Navy forces everything is depends on AI.

Future in Robotics, Artificial intelligence technology -

Although academic production comes under intelligent automation, however human’s future is based on robots and AI. 
Hacking is a new normal for humans. Last from one decade robotics sector has created million job opportunities in electrical, vehicle, food and manufacturing industries.
For example, rehabilitation, therapy robot market has grown 10 times between 2010 to 2016. 
Research says the very next decade in number of application robots will become vital component. AI will be able to perform excellent in complex situations and capable enough to learn from humans and act like humans. Study says the robotics will be $100 billion worth industry as big as the tourism sector in next few years. 

Vision of robotics, artificial intelligence technology -

The vision of AI technology is to reduce manpower especially the highly manufacturing countries with high labor costs. AI and robotics is fast growing industry which helps to retain the production and manage the performance as per the market standards.

This vision aims to provide proper information and data on a new VGR system. The vision system and software control gives the exact coordination of
the components to robots. 

Types of Robots -

There are some type of robots which is given below -

 Articulated  The articulated robot constructed with rotatory joints, the arm is designed, and constructed with each joints that provides range of movements.
Cartesian These kind of robots are known as gantry robots. They have 3 joints which is used for cartesian and coordinated with I.e. a, b, c. These robots provide attached wrist to give rotatory motion.
Cylindrical These kind of robots have one rotatory joint and one prismatic joint which is used for connect the links. Rotatory joints are used to rotate axis along with prismatic joint to provide linear motion.
Polar Polar robots are looks like spherical robots. Basically, the arm is connected to base with a twisting joint and have a combination of one linear with 2 rotatory joints.
Scara Scara robots are used to assemble applications. The arm is designed in cylindrical shape. This robot has two parallel joints which is used to provide compliance in one selected plane.
Delta These kind of robots are look like a spider. It is constructed by joint parallelograms and connected to common base. The parallelogram moves in a vault shaped work place which is used in food and electrical industries.


Start taking online robotic classes with LiveLake, Make your future bright with lot of career opportunities -

1.  Live Classes- Just wonder, you can be the young scientist by taking online robotics live classes. Turn on your Data on and utilize the power of internet. Today    you can learn and teach by sitting from anywhere.

2. DISC- Through DISC profile you can check overall personality by attempting IQ tests, science, math, reasoning, aptitude etc. Disc profile will help you to develop your skills and knowledge.

3. Webinars- What's in your Mind about Webinars? Well, webinar system is a key feature for dynamic learning. Visual ads and videos will help you better in robotics.
Our subject matter experts will work as a guardian angel for you, they will guide you and help you to create prototype.
“Practice Makes Perfection”.

4. Free Physical Activities Classes- You and your robots need a break. Let's spend some time in yoga classes to learn the right postures of our body for relaxation and if you love to dance then start Zumba classes together.

Conclusion -

Robotics is one the growing sector and upcoming years robots will take place of human beings. They will act and behave like humans. In food factories and warehouses already, they have taken the place of humans to reduce workloads and reduce the man power. Start learning online robotics with LiveLakeand be the young scientist champ.

“Wonder, A Robot Created By You, Who Will Follow Your Instructions”

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