LiveLake are creating a digitial eco system of learnign for for everyone, our vision is to provide affordable and quality learning to all. We want create a new digital India where every child would be tech savi and can create their own tech products. Our mission id to made digital learning and thinking affordable and interesting for all kids. We want educate everyone in India through technology. We beleive in technology and wants to build a new India with technology.

On the road of learning we have build the cirecullan for everyone for age group 2.5-40 years.

Preschool : Age group 2.5-5 years
Robotics for Kids : Age group 6- 16 years
Coding for kids : Age group 6- 16 years
K6 - K12 : Complete education for class 6th to 12th
PIIT / NEET Prepration : For class 11 -12 and later
Professional Courses : Above age 17 years

We dosent stop here we also provide extra cirecullum classes for kids development:
Vadic Maths : Age group 5 - 17 years
English Speaking : All age group
Abacus : Age group 5 - 17 years
Our all extra cireculler classes is also available in subscription form starting just RS 19 for life time so everyone can get learning.